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Our team are all professional archaeologists, with years of experience in decoding Ireland’s past. Know Thy Place represents the first time professional archaeological research has been offered to the public so easily and affordably. Ireland’s archaeology is your archaeology, and our passion for communicating this amazing heritage in an attractive and understandable way led us to establish Know Thy Place.



Our Team


Colm Moloney - DirectorColm Moloney- Director
Colm has nearly 25 years of archaeological experience, working in Ireland, England, Scotland and France. He has held a range of managerial and directorial positions in that time, and has published extensively on British and Irish archaeology. Colm specialises in the Prehistoric period, especially Bronze Age Ireland.

Damien Shiels - DirectorDamian Shiels- Director
Damian has been working on archaeological excavations since 1995. He also spent a number of years on the curatorial staff of the National Museum of Ireland, and has published widely on military archaeology. Damian specialises in the Post Medieval period, most particularly 16th and 17th century sites of conflict.

Louise Baker - Archaeological ResearcherLouise Baker- Archaeological Researcher
Louise has been working as a professional archaeologist for 15 years and has carried out field and desk based projects throughout Ireland, Scotland, England and Wales. These include excavations, survey and building recording and a number of these projects have been published. Since moving to Ireland in 2002 she has specialized in desk based studies and archaeological illustration.

Lyndsey Clark - Archaeological ResearcherLyndsey Clark- Archaeological Researcher
Lyndsey worked on her first excavation in 2002, and since then has participated in projects in England, Ireland and the Netherlands. Aside from excavation, Lyndsey has also developed extensive archaeological research and writing skills in this time. She specialises in the method and techniques of archaeological practice.

Jonathan Miller - Archaeological GraphicsJonathan Millar- Archaeological Graphics
Jonathan graduated as an archaeologist in 1998 and has worked continuously since then as a field archaeologist and illustrator. He has excavated sites in Ireland, England and his homeland of Scotland. Jonathan specialises in archaeological graphics and archaeological presentation, and his work has appeared in numerous publications and exhibitions.

Claire Shepherd - AdministrationClaire Shepherd- Administration
Claire has been working in an administrative capacity for over 15 years.  After serving many exciting years with the Royal Air Force and NATO, Claire decided to hand in her wings and settle in Ireland, where she has worked in sales, marketing and finance. Claire is the head of administration for Know Thy Place.

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